Nourish your locks with BioSilk hair products, a revolutionary silk-infused line that keeps your strands silky smooth and strengthens, repairs and revitalizes. Through innovative technology, BioSilk protects your hair against heat, cold and humidity. Try BioSilk shampoos, styling products and more.

BioSilk Color Therapy

Total hair color protection system

Beautiful salon color deserves specialized care and BioSilk Color Therapy delivers. The line includes a sulfate-free shampoo for all hair types; sulfate-free, violet-based shampoo for blondes; moisturizing conditioner; maracuja oil infused leave-in treatment; and reparative intensive masque. 

BioSilk Color Therapy is based on a proprietary blend called VibraRiche®, which prolongs the radiance and intensity of color while enhancing the overall luster and shine. Since VibraRiche contains positively charged ions that are substantive to the hair, it leaves strands feeling soft, nourished and completely conditioned, all while sharpening the color of the hair.

All Color Therapy products are enriched with a strengthening and reparative bamboo and gooseberry extract blend, rich in Vitamin-C, antioxidants, and anti-aging properties. This powerful combination is further enhanced with a botanical red tea extract, rooibos, which offers essential nutrients and antioxidants to keep hair color vibrant and protect from color loss.


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