CHI is unique and stands out as a brand because of the technology we use on our CHI hair styling tools and CHI flat irons. Farouk Systems believes that through innovation, we can offer the hair stylist and consumer truly unique CHI hair styling tools and products that out perform anything else in the market.

CHI Brushes and Combs

CHI combs are suitable for all types of hair and various textures

CHI Brushes and combs utilize the latest technology with CHI 44 Ceramics, Negative Ions and Far Infrared when used with CHI Hair Dryers. The ergonomic design of the CHI Brushes makes them an optimum styling tool for professionals as well as for consumers. The outstanding performance of CHI Brushes will provide you up to 50% faster drying time, more enjoyable tangle-free styling and healthier hair with incredible shine. The CHI Brushes are suitable for all types of hair and different textures. With CHI Brushes, you can easily create more body and movement with smooth brush glide achieving exceptional shine. Their durability with the highest quality of materials will stand the test of time.

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