Nourish your locks with BioSilk hair products, a revolutionary silk-infused line that keeps your strands silky smooth and strengthens, repairs and revitalizes. Through innovative technology, BioSilk protects your hair against heat, cold and humidity. Try BioSilk shampoos, styling products and more.
BioSilk Rock Hard Defining Paste

BioSilk Rock Hard Defining Paste

BioSilk Rock Hard Defining Paste

Biosilk Rock Hard Defining Paste creates effortless tousled and creative looks. The paste provides a matte finish and that while there are additional definitionis applied to the hair. 

Biosilk Rock Hard Defining Paste contains silk and contains amino acids. The hair used amino acids to make it as strong as possible. This paste restores damaged hair and gives it its strength. The hair is hydrated, creating a beautiful shine. 

Biosilk Rock Hard Defining Paste protects hair from heat, moisture, UV rays and harmful influences. 

Biosilk Rock Hard Defining Paste:

  • For messy and creative looks
  • matte finish
  • additional definition
  • contains silk
  • recovers
  • power Boost
  • Hydrates
  • protects

  • 89ml

Bring Biosilk Rock Hard Defining Paste to dry or damp hair. Style subsequently as desired.

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