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CHI Neutralizing Shampoo
CHI Neutralizing Shampoo

CHI Deep Brilliance Neutralizing Shampoo

CHI Neutralizing Shampoo

Restorative rich cleanser formulated with natural Olive and Monoi Oil botanicals, herbs, and vitamins helps to neutralize and replenish moisture while returning hair to its ideal pH level after a relaxer service. Gently and effectively removes traces of chemical residue and offers a visual confirmation with a color changing indicator. Hair is free of chemical residue and is left feeling softer, stronger and more manageable. Professional Use Only.

  • CHIDBOMNS12-355ml
  • CHIDBOMNS32-946ml

Rinse relaxer thoroughly; apply a quarter size of Balance Instant Neutralizing Shampoo into hand and emulsify. Apply to hair and lather; rinse thoroughly. Repeat until the lather is completely white, assuring all traces of residue are removed.

Delivers superior cleansing performance Neutralizes and maintains the moisture level in the hair after a chemical relaxer service Helps return hair to its normal pH level Color indicator shampoo will remove all chemical residue traces When rinsing, lather will turn completely white once all traces of residue are removed
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